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Langlaufschule Mathias Hischier

Langlauf - Ski de fond - Cross-country skiing

Berglodge Häuser in Reckingen

Cross-country Skiing - our Passion

Cross-country ski lessons

We look forward to welcoming you to the "Gommer" cross-country ski trails! Goms, considered the "Sun Room" of Switzerland, offers a beautiful setting with fantastic trails for you to learn and improve. With our years of experience, we can help you become a skilled cross-country skier and discover a feeling of ease and flow. Our motto is "gleitä statt chrampfä", maybe best translated as "glide, don't struggle." We are happy to teach in English - call or email us to reserve a morning or afternoon for your lesson!

Cross-country skiing in Goms - hard to beat

Not only will you find magnificent cross-country ski trails in the high plateau of Obergoms, but you will also discover - directly along these trails - numerous restaurants and railway stations. The frequent trains along the Matterhorn-Gotthard railway offer you unparalleled flexibility in planning your ski outings: you can ski from one end of the valley to the other end (or any of the villages along the way) and return by train.

Cross-country ski school since 1972

The instructors of our ski school bring you a new dimension of awareness. Over the last 50 years, we have refined our teaching methods in classic and skating. Very simple - but often underestimated - elements such as relaxed flat feet, the conscious and correct use of the hip flexor, and proper body tension are just a few examples of what we will teach you to transform your ski experience.

Our cross-country coaches take care of your well-being

We work with keywords, images and metaphors so that you can initiate changes yourself and store new patterns sustainably. We deliberately begin by practising some fundamental skills without skis, so that you can achieve ease on your cross-country skis even faster.

Our cross-country ski instructors will bring you into the flow.

We will work with you on specific exercises adapted to your current level. The goal is achieved when you can enjoy cross-country skiing at your own pace in a steady rhythm. This also includes even breathing and looseness.

The costs

Private lessons of up to 4 persons: One person CHF 100, each additional person plus CHF 15 per lesson of 60 minutes.

We have found that a lesson of 60 minutes usually finishes is finished exactly when the numerous exercises take effect and we start getting into the flow. This, at the same time, is the moment when the fundament for the greatest progress can be laid. To take advantage of this moment, we recommend that most clients arrange for a double lesson. The double lesson also allows us to include a video analysis which we will email to you with feedback within 24 hours. You will find that the longer session will help you progress much more quickly & increase your enjoyment of cross-country skiing significantly.

Group lessons: CHF 160 per lesson of 60 minutes

Payment: in cash or Twint

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!